New York Unpaid Overtime Dispute Lawyers

There are many different situations in which employees are not properly paid for overtime work or for wages that they earned. Accordingly, the law is complex and constantly changing. While the law may apply one way in one case, it applies another way in a different circumstance. It takes an experienced lawyer to properly counsel clients and to resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

At Berke-Weiss & Pechman LLP, in New York City, we use years of experience to resolve unpaid overtime disputes for our clients. Our lawyers have distinguished themselves as leaders in employment litigation. We are highly regarded for providing effective legal counsel in even the most complex scenarios. Throughout our careers, we have handled over 50 wage and hour litigations.

We represent employers and employees in a range of disputes:

  • Nonpayment of wages, including paying less than the minimum wage
  • Nonpayment of mandatory overtime
  • Under-reporting of hours worked
  • Misclassification of exempt and nonexempt employees
  • Unpaid bonuses
  • Unpaid sales commissions

Situations Involving Alleged Nonpayment of Overtime

We have the capacity to handle many different types of employment law cases related to unpaid overtime disputes. From telecommuting employees who allege that they were denied overtime pay of work done from home, to employees who allege that they were asked to work through lunch breaks or employees who were asked to complete work after their shifts had ended and after they had formally clocked out, we have the capacity to resolve many different disputes.


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