New York Severance Package Lawyers

At Berke-Weiss & Pechman LLP, we represent employers and employees in matters related to severance packages. While these matters can often be settled by parties acting independently, seeking representation regarding severance package issues can help protect your rights and interests.

Many different matters can be incorporated into a severance agreement, including compensation for the former employee as well as protections for the employer. This is critical since both employers and employees have a great deal to protect.

At our New York City law firm, we recognize that employees have spent lifetimes building their careers and we know that proper executive compensation can help protect their reputations as well as their finances. We also respect the fact that businesses’ greatest assets are often their relationships with clients. Our lawyers structure severance packages to protect established goodwill.

We negotiate, draft, review and litigate severance agreements. Each one is unique, and we tailor the representation we provide to those unique needs. When we handle a matter related to a severance agreement, we look at the assets that need to be protected by restrictive covenants.

We also look at events that may have occurred during the employment relationship, which may affect termination of the relationship between the parties. These include matters such as sexual harassment or discrimination, which can often lead to litigation. Frequently, we can negotiate an agreement to a client’s financial advantage based on events that have occurred during employment.

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