New York Restrictive Covenants Lawyers

At Berke-Weiss & Pechman LLP, we represent both employers and employees in contract negotiation, drafting, mediation and litigation. Many of the contracts that we handle involve restrictive covenants. These restrictions, which are placed on employees by employers, enable business leaders to protect their interests.

Lawyers at our New York law firm have represented both employers and employees, plaintiffs and defendants, in matters related to many different restrictive covenants, including:

  • Non-compete agreements: It is possible for employers to enter into agreements with employees that prohibit the employees from working for competitors directly after the termination of the employer-employee relationship.
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements: While working for a business, employees frequently gain access to sensitive information that could damage the business if released to the wrong parties. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements prohibit employees from communicating important business information to others. If an agreement is in place, employers have recourse through litigation if an employee violated the agreement.
  • Nonsolicitation agreements: Nonsolicitation agreements prohibit employees from contacting or working for a business’s clients or employees after the employee ceases to work for that business.
  • Protection of trade secrets and other intellectual property: It is possible to protect a business’s intellectual property, as well as other key property, by drafting certain restrictive covenants.

We are experienced lawyers who have extensive experience drafting and litigating contracts. In employment litigation, it is possible for one determined party to force another party into litigation at great cost and stress. We know how to resolve disputes regarding restrictive covenants quickly and effectively, which limits the financial impact of litigation on our clients.

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