New York Sexual Harassment Defense Lawyers

Lawyers at the New York City law firm of Berke-Weiss & Pechman LLP have defended numerous high-profile individuals and companies that have been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace. As experienced advocates, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to take effective action on our clients’ behalf, even in serious situations such as alleged rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and discrimination. We also conduct investigations and represent individual defendants as well.

Each case is unique. We have negotiated confidential settlements on behalf of employers, taking actions for the benefit of both parties while keeping our clients’ situations private and out of the media.

While most cases settle before trial, we also have engaged in forceful litigation in state and federal courts. Forceful trial advocacy can send a chilling message to prospective future plaintiffs and helps employers avoid future litigation.

Our attorneys also consult with clients on how to avoid potential sexual harassment claims. We draft policies and assist employers in employment policy implementation. By consulting with a New York City sexual harassment training attorney as part of your business strategy, you may be able to prevent future litigation.

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