New York Nonsolicitation Agreement Lawyers

Frequently, a business’s most valuable assets are its established relationships with existing customers. Business leaders spend years carefully cultivating these relationships and building goodwill — but they are delicate. A customer relationship can be destroyed by just one careless statement made by an angry employee or just one phone call made by a former employee who is moving to a new company.

At Berke-Weiss & Pechman LLP, we recognize the value of customer relationships. We recognize this value when it comes to our own clients, so we provide extensive personal attention and high-quality work. We also recognize this value when it comes to our clients’ customers. That’s why we negotiate, draft, review and litigate nonsolicitation agreements for employers and employees throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

Nonsolicitation agreements prohibit employees from contacting or working for a business’s clients after the employee ceases to work for that business. They prohibit doctors, accountants, real estate brokers, salespeople and other professionals from leaving professional practices with client lists and other confidential materials. They can also provide valuable benefits — such as higher pay, an employment agreement or a severance package — for employees who sign nonsolicitation agreements.

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