New York Non-Compete Agreement Lawyers

When an employee accepts a job, he or she knows that skills will be learned or strengthened during the course of employment. Client relationships will grow as well, and employees generally leave an employer with more knowledge and better networking relationships than they had previously.

For employers, an employee’s leaving a company for a position with a competitor can mean many things. Most importantly, it can mean that the resources, time and attention that went into building an employee’s skills go to the benefit of that competitor.

At Berke-Weiss & Pechman LLP, in Midtown Manhattan, our lawyers represent employers and employees in matters related to competition between businesses. We negotiate, draft, review and litigate non-compete agreements that prohibit employees from working for competitors.

Generally, non-compete agreements prohibit employees from working for competitors directly after the termination of the employer-employee relationship. They cannot prohibit all employment on an unlimited basis, however. Non-compete agreements must be limited to a specific time frame and a specific geographic area. Restrictive covenants that are too broad are generally unenforceable in court.

Attorneys at Berke-Weiss & Pechman LLP have extensive employment law experience, so we know what makes a non-compete agreement enforceable — and what makes one unenforceable. We use our experience and knowledge to protect our clients’ interests. We prevent disputes from occurring and resolve disputes that do occur, quickly and effectively.

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